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Our approach

Setting our own standards.

We take pride in the high standard of our services. We are passionate about our work, understand our customers and are solution focused. We invest in quality of work and our employees’ future, creating an environment where they can grow and thrive so that the best solutions can arise.

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Our values

  • High Five


    People know and appreciate each other.


    A company full of diversity – our close-knit culture has grown over many years and is being nurtured by all of us. It embodies who we are und guides us on our way to a better tomorrow.

  • blazing Flame


    We are passionate about our work.


    We are working in a dynamic environment where we get things done - shaping the future. This is what drives us. Striving for improvement our teams create new innovative products every year. Our clients share our enthusiasm for our solutions.

  • Compass

    straight ahead

    Straight on and the best path to a solution – that is us.

    straight ahead

    Business focused, no fancy words or side courses – Leaving something half finished, just won’t do. We continue our path. Straight ahead.


Behind the scene

Happy young man grilling fish


First as an auxiliary hand, then as part of dual curriculum college degree and finally starting as a Junior Sales – I made my way and today I’m an Account Manager for our cloud customers.

‘How does technology enable people working together efficiently?’ That is what I am trying to facilitate – by our innovative, market leading solutions.
At SCHIFFL I was always supported by my colleagues, making me an achiever. They even taught me fishing.

My future? Gaining new customers, driving more innovation and great solutions. Well, and to fire the smoker once in a while.

Emre walks towards the camera.
View inside a server


SCHIFFL is my second home. Being passionate about IT, I want to develop cool products, contribute ideas and learn a lot. That's what I can do here.

I organize my day mostly on my own and with a lot of freedom. From a technical point of view, I can constantly exchange ideas with experts here at the company. That's because we at SCHIFFL think the entire IT range and use the latest technologies. I also know other companies. Therefore I can say, working here is special. I was welcomed right away and quickly found my place as an IT system engineer for Cloud Infrastructure & Solutions.

Every day I can talk to our clients and feel satisfied through what I do. Eventually, I would like to have my own team. That's my big goal and I'm sure it will work out.

Ute looks to the side, laughing.
Ute stands on a ladder and looks towards the camera.


I’ve been at SCHIFFL for more than 20 years and know the company better than pretty much any other. In the early days, I was on my own in accounting, where we used reams and reams of paper. Plenty has changed over this period. We’ve enjoyed constant growth – and that goes for accounting, too. And a few years ago, we started to turn everything digital. Despite all the growth, all the change, and all the professionalisation, SCHIFFL has remained a friendly company. Yes, there are lots of new faces. But you know plenty of people here really well – sometimes even on a personal level. People always have a good sense of the topics that impact me and my colleagues, and that keeps us grounded.

Generally speaking, employees have loads of freedom here and are welcome to put their ideas forward. I think that’s a major plus. When I leave my role at the end of the year, I’ll look back over my time at SCHIFFL with a smile. I wish my successor Uwe all the best and just as much fun as Director of Finance.

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